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As a keynote speaker, Dr. Viar is inspiring, pragmatic, and memorable. Dr. Viar is able to provide a clear approach on a variety of topics and is able to establish a rapport and connect with varied audiences. As an expert in adult education and training, he has trained academic professionals from educators and advisers, to administrators and adult learners who are a part of an adult learner program on college/university campuses across the country.  

Dr. Viar has helped adult students and academic professionals of all economic backgrounds to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. Today, what was once known as the "non-traditional student" is now the "traditional student." Non-Traditional students are classified by the NCES as students in higher education who are over the age of 25 that meet a variety of factors and life situations.Many colleges and universities still struggle with retaining adult students because they still maintain an old-school mentality and fail to focus coursework, events, or teaching towards the adult student. More importantly, they are unsure about the approach to use, and in the end fail the students by not not meeting their needs and empowering them to succeed. This ultimately leads to a higher number of adult students dropping out.

Dr. Viar is available as a keynote speaker, presentations, conferences, and trainings at colleges/universities, businesses, and communities for either half day or full-day events.  He has presented at conferences, colleges and universities across the United States.  

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Throughout his educational career, his career-goal has been to help others better understand the challenges of the non-traditional, adult student, and to teach others how to become more nontrad-friendly, and adult student centric. Dr. Viar's book The Nontraditional Learner's Guide to Success  has been utilized as a tool for new student orientations, faculty training and as a guide for administrators and advisers at various colleges and universities across the country. 

Four popular keynote topics:

-New Faculty Training: provide new faculty with the skills they need up front to work effectively with adult learners.
-Staff Development: ongoing training for all staff who work with adult learners
-Professional Development: leading to specific new knowledge or another level of expertise 
-Improve Organizational Effectiveness: allow staff to become continually better at what they do, improving on both their own and the college college and/or universities' effectiveness
-The Non-Traditional Learner's Guide to Success: each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Viar's book, "The Non-Traditional Learner's Guide to Success," filled with the techniques and tools utilized in the training program that they can reference at any time.

A Tactical Approach to Building a Successful Adult Learner Program: Strategies and Solutions for today's Non-Traditional-Traditional Students' Needs



We live in a culture where the field of education is ever-changing. In order for colleges and universities to address challenges and maximize opportunities, there must be leaders in the organization that can help others to succeed.  

As a keynote, Dr. Viar can also provide an assessment of the current adult learner program and will outline concrete strategies to improve or build on the existing program. Building strong leaders in the organization is important and these leaders will then be able to encourage their students to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the current adult learner program
  • Formulate plan for success
  • Empower faculty and staff to execute the plan
  • How to achieve long-term goals and build an effective team
Dr. Viar is very versatile and can speak on a variety of topics outside of the topics listed above. Call Dr. Viar to discuss your organization's needs and topics that you would like to have discussed in your personalized training camp or event.